What’s The Deal With Underground Outlets?

There are several different ways that electricity can be run into your property – but what about outdoor appliances? If you have a number of outdoor appliances that require constant power then an underground outlet can be a handy system to run. Every good Knox electrician understands the benefits – as well as the potential hazards – that come with the territory of underground outlets. That’s why today’s blog will be concentrating entirely on these types of outlets. Whilst you should never perform any electrical work yourself as it can be very dangerous – and illegal – it’s still always handy to know this information.

What are they exactly?

As the name suggests, it is a type of outlet that runs underground to power outdoor appliances. This is an alternative to running exposed – or conduit – cabling outdoors and above ground. These options can get messy and if you have exposed wires, then the risk of danger increases exponentially. Running cables above ground also creates an unnecessary tripping hazard. Installing cables underground can keep things clean and seamless – making your yard look great as well.


How are they installed?

Two main techniques are used to install underground outlets. Each technique has its own parameters that must be adhered to:

  • The more common and straightforward technique is to lay the cables directly into the ground. They should be placed around 61cm deep to avoid any accidental piercing or damage during routine work.
  • Thick-walled metal conduits can be installed underground at about 15.25cm deep with waterproof wiring running through them. Alternatively, PVC tubing can also be used as an alternative – which also protects the wires.

It’s important to keep in mind that the more protection your cables have, the less chance there is of any issues occurring.


Why would you need an underground outlet?

There are several reasons why people opt for underground outlets. In a domestic setting, you may need it to power your outdoor entertainment. If you have a pool that has lights or is heated – then you’ll need outdoor power. Even something as small as lighting up your garden will require outdoor power.

If you’re someone who uses power tools often in the yard, then you may be running extension cords from inside the house. This is not ideal and can be dangerous under certain conditions. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and looks neat, underground outlets are your best option for using cabled power tools outdoor as well as powering your entertainment and recreational systems.

The need for underground outlets grows more-so when we talk about the needs of commercial properties. As a good Knox electrician knows, commercial buildings and businesses use up a lot of power. But that power usage doesn’t just stop inside the building. If you have an outdoor area, then you may have electrical appliances that need powering such as heaters or speakers.

Even things such as security systems/surveillance cameras and electronically controlled access gates all rely on power to operate. More commonly, however, a car park should be well lit – whether it’s at a shopping centre or outside of a small business building. This helps to make your employees or customers feel safe if they’re leaving in the evening. You’re not going to have exposed cabling running through the carpark to power the lights – making underground outlets the best option.


What are the dangers of underground outlets?

As we know, water and electricity don’t mix. Just because your cabling is underground doesn’t mean that it’s 100% safe from the elements. Generally speaking, the minimum depths that are recommended when laying down cable underground are enough to protect against average weather – but you should still opt for water-resistant cabling and conduits to protect your cables as much as possible.

You should also try not to lay the cable near any water features like pools or fountains. If there is any leakage whatsoever then it could cause serious damage. An electrician in Knox will be able to put an effectual strategy together to ensure that all safety measures are taken when planning an underground outlet installation.


Do you need an electrician in Knox?

If you’re interested in installing an underground outlet in your yard or commercial property, then you’ll need the right electrician. iSpark Electrical Solutions offers fully qualified and experienced Knox electricians that can help you power your outdoor electrical appliances efficiently and safely. We’re able to handle both commercial and residential electrical jobs throughout Melbourne’s Eastern and South-Eastern suburbs.

If you need an electrician in Knox to install an underground outlet, then please get in touch with us by calling 1300 225 588. You can also fill out the contact sheet on our website.