6 Safety Precautions Electricians Take During Renovations

When you renovate your home, there’s a high chance that you’ll end up having to change, upgrade or install brand new electricals. That’s where our domestic electricians in Melbourne come into things. Regardless of how simple the job may seem it’s always safest and more efficient to have a more experienced hand do the work. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at six safety precautions that our electricians take during a home renovation.

1.   Never working with a live wire

Regardless of the appliance, the first thing an electrician will do is turn the power off. An example of this would be changing a downlight fixture. The power from the mains box will need to be turned off before it is attempted. Even something as simple as changing a lightbulb, the main power should always be switched off first. The electrician will then wait for the bulb to cool before handling it.

Even if there is little risk of encountering a live wire whilst undertaking renovations – the mains power should still be shut off to ensure that no accidents occur. It is important that an electrician is focused and keeps on their toes whilst undertaking a domestic renovation job.


2.   Keeping water and electrical appliances far apart

Even something as simple as touching an active power socket with wet hands can spell serious trouble for their safety and your electrical system. In addition to this, electrical wiring should never be allowed to get wet. During a job, your electrician will also take extra precautionary measures – such as keeping any bottles or glasses full of liquid away from the work area.


3.   Capping unused wiring and appliances

During a renovation, if wiring is found that won’t be needed anymore – for example, if a light is being removed from the ceiling – then the electrician should cap the wiring. Wires that still have electricity running through them but are unused and exposed can be a serious hazard, even if they’re just lying around in your ceiling. The same rule can also be said for appliances. If you know you’re not going to use an old fridge anymore, then it should be unplugged. Capping wires is a complicated task and should only ever be carried out by a trained and qualified domestic electrician.


4.   Ensuring power outlets don’t overload

During the renovation period, electricians will use an array of power tools. The danger here is that chaining power boards and double adaptors can carry a high risk – especially when all sockets are outputting so much power. Major fire and electrical damage can occur if power outlets are overloaded. Balancing the spread of power – especially if multiple people are working on the renovation at once – is something that domestic electricians in Melbourne are trained to do and be aware of.


5.   Ensure standards are being met

All electrical work is required to meet the Australian Standard 3000:2018 (Wiring Rule). This is something that all trained domestic electricians in Melbourne are familiar with. iSpark’s contractors will know to be sure that everything is up to the correct standards and that your newly renovated house is in line with all legal requirements.


6.   Wearing the right safety gear

When an electrician is conducting work on a domestic property there are certain types of gear and clothing that they have to wear. The thing with electricity is that you can’t visibly see it. It is because of this that all possible precautions must be taken. Synthetic fabrics – such as polyester – should not be worn as they can melt and can cause serious burns. Long sleeve high visibility shirts, long pants, hats and boots are also required. In addition to certain clothing and gear that is used, electricians must be well-versed in CPR and low-voltage rescue methods.


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