Looking To Cut Your Energy Bill? We Reveal How (In Just 9 Steps)

According to recent figures, electricity and gas are some of the fastest-rising household expenses in Australia. However, it’s not all bad news. Electricity bills are also some of the easiest household expenses to cut down on, especially when you put a few good habits into practice. In this blog we’re sharing our favourite ways to save electricity that will help cut down your overall energy bill.

#1: Assess your current usage

All homes are fitted with some kind of electricity monitoring system. For many homes, this is called a smart meter, although there are other kinds of meters out there. Before you begin a plan to cut your bills, you should note down how and when you use electricity to identify specific ways you can improve on your usage.


#2: Go solar

Solar energy can power both hot water and electricity continuously, as opposed to energy coming from a retailer, which needs to be bought. In Victoria, there are even schemes in place to encourage homeowners to install solar panels and provide a return on your initial investment.


#3: Get a better deal on your electricity

Although the rates you currently pay may have been the best at the time you signed up, they may not be any longer. Keep shopping around for better electricity plans and providers. The market is extremely competitive, and you may find yourself saving money in no time simply by changing plans.


#4: Form better daily habits

Adjusting your daily habits is the most cost-effective way to start reducing your energy bills. Often, good habits just come down to what we should be doing anyway.

Some things you can do day-to-day to help reduce your energy bills include:

  • Washing full loads only, in cold water rather than warm water
  • Turning off appliances at the wall switch
  • Closing your doors and curtains to block draughts
  • Line drying instead of using the dryer.


#5: Pay attention to the heater

According to the Victorian Government, heating can account for over 30% of your energy bill in winter, which you may have already guessed.

But did you know that the temperature you set your ducted heating at is the main reason why this is the case? In fact, every degree about 20 degrees adds a whopping 10% to your bill. Avoid this by setting your heater to a temperature that falls somewhere in the range of 18-20 degrees.


#6: Install low-flow showerheads

Changing out your regular showerheads for low-flow ones helps save energy because you’re using less water that needs to be heated.  If you cannot replace your showerhead at the moment, timing your showers to the recommended three to four minutes will similarly help cut down on energy costs.


#7: Keep on top of home maintenance

Poorly sealed grills, air leaks in ducts and even broken windows can all drive the energy bill up over time. This is because they act as a gateway for indoor air to escape through, meaning your heating has to work overtime to compensate.

Checking your ducts and vents every year is the best way to identify any issues, fix them, and save money on your bills in the long run.


#8: Check your insulation

Insulating your ceiling is a cost-effective way to save up to 20% on both cooling and heating costs. This is because insulation acts as a barrier that does not allow air to pass through it easily. In summer months, this means your cool air will not escape outside. In winter, this means your home will hold in all the heat. With the right insulation, your heating and cooling systems will use less energy to achieve the results you desire.


#9: Switch to LED light bulbs

Did you know that LED light bulbs can last up to 15 times longer than old incandescent bulbs?

That means that by switching to LED lighting, not only will you save bulbs from ending up in landfill, you’ll also save yourself hundreds in the long run. This saving comes from a combination of reduced replacement costs and minimised energy consumption.


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