Pet-Proofing Your Home’s Electrical Cables

It can be an exciting time when you have a furry little friend join your family. But there are a lot of preparations and lifestyles changes that you’re going to have to make when first welcoming them into the fold. One of those changes is pet-proofing your home – and more specifically, your home’s cables. Electrical cables are the biggest and easiest targets in these instances as they can be chewed and gnawed at. This can not only spell serious trouble for your electricity and appliances, but also the safety of your new pet. In today’s blog, we’re going to go through some things that our Blackburn electricians can easily help you fix when it comes to securing your cabling.

Why should you pet-proof your cables?

Cables can potentially be a big hazard for pets. Modern homes generally house a myriad of different electrical devices and appliances – from laptop chargers and computers to Hi-Fi/AV equipment. Standard wiring is easy for small, sharp teeth to chew through and it can result in your pets being electrocuted. More serious cases can lead to electrical fires.


Setting up a barrier

There are a few different ways that you can secure your cabling. Depending on the area your cabling is in, you can set up a small barrier to ensure that your pets can’t get to them. In time, they will realise that the barrier means “off-limits” and will begin to take the hint. You can also use wire looms around your cables if you’re unable to set up a barrier. Wire looms are sleeves for your cables that simultaneously offer protection and an unattractive sensation to the pets when biting into it.


Securing wires to the wall

Other effective methods include securing the cables to the walls, making it harder for your pets to sink their teeth into them – making it more of a chore than anything. If you’re still worried about them being able to reach the cables, then try suspending the cables above your pet’s height using wall brackets. When doing this, be sure that your cables aren’t being strained at all and have leeway when being held between brackets. If you have laptop or phone chargers that you’re not using, don’t leave them lying on the ground, wrap them up and store them somewhere your pet can’t reach them.


Putting your wires within the wall

For a more clean and efficient option, you can hire a Blackburn electrician to put your cables into your wall. This is a favoured method for Hi-Fi enthusiasts who have surround sound systems. Instead of running cables on the outside walls of your room, they’re within the walls and you simply plug the cables into the wall sockets that an electrician has installed on the other end. This is effective as it gets rid of extra cables running along the sides of your room. Combine this with some little barriers around your speakers and television area and you shouldn’t have any trouble from your pets.


Chew toys

Purchasing various chew toys for your pet can act as a great deterrent as it will keep them occupied and distracted. If they have something to occupy their time with, then they won’t go out looking for things to chew on. If you purchase multiple types that are significantly different from each other then you’re also giving your pet variety, which will help ensure that they don’t get bored.


Positive and negative reinforcement

If your pet does something that they’re not supposed to – such as start chewing a cable – then you should let them know that it’s not the right thing to do. If you keep telling them “no” or “bad” then they’re less likely to do it. If they go for their own chew toy, then praise them. Occasionally, even, you may give them a treat to let them know that they’re doing the right thing.


Do you need an electrician in Blackburn?

Here at iSpark Electrical Solutions, we understand the importance of pet-proofing your home against your pet’s unwanted chewing. Our fully-trained contractors will be able to advise on the best solutions for your home, and help you pet-proof your home in a variety of ways.

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