5 Common Electrical Problems That Only A Commercial Electrician Should Fix

Running a business is a hard enough venture without external factors affecting your operations. Unfortunately, electrical problems are one of these factors that can impact your business at any time. A commercial electrical issue may cause a minor inconvenience, or it could shut your business down for a period of time – depending on how serious it is. Today, we’ll be having a look at five of the more common electrical problems that can occur in your commercial building. If you happen to notice any of these problems, our team of commercial electricians in Melbourne will come in to save the day!

1.    Tripping breakers

This one may seem familiar to you. If there is a power overload or a circuit is shorted, then your breakers will trip to stop any serious damage from being done. Whilst you can simply flip the breakers back on and your power will be working again – this could potentially lead to more serious problems. If this is a problem that persists, then you should consider having a commercial electrician inspect your wiring to identify where exactly the short circuit or power overload occurs.

Breakers are designed to stop electrical fires from breaking out due to the power overloads – but they are not meant to regularly flip. Your circuit board may need to be replaced or upgraded if you find the breakers are constantly being tripped. This is something that could occur if you’re running appliances with high wattage that your board simply may not be able to handle – hence the regular breaker tripping.


2.    Lighting issues

Sometimes you may find that lights in your building are not performing as well as they should be – whether they’re dimmer than usual or are flickering. If you’ve replaced the bulb and the problem persists, then you’ll need a commercial electrician to address the problem. The most common reasoning for something like this is a poor or faulty connection with the wiring. This can lead to damage in the long run if left unattended.


3.    Power loss

This is a concerning issue to have – especially if your business predominantly operates on technology or machinery. The reason for power loss can usually be chalked up to faulty wiring, which is something that you should not attempt to fix without a professional. Power loss can affect a business partially or completely – and even a backup generator can only get you so far if you experience power loss.


4.    Sparks flying

Sometimes, you may plug an appliance into a power socket and see sparks flying. If this happens you should immediately desist from using the socket, turn off the main power and call a commercial electrician. They will test the socket as well as all the others to see whether or not it is an isolated incident or not. If you continue to use a socket that shoots sparks, then you risk melting the wires – which could cause problems for other nearby outlets.


5.    Redundant wiring

Unless you’re the first owner of a building, chances are it may have gone through some renovations in the past or had some previous applications that it’s not currently being used for. If this is the case, then it’s possible that there may be redundant wiring around the building. Some of the wiring may be visible and some of it may be in the ceiling or the walls – but if they aren’t correctly capped, then they can be a potential hazard.

If you locate wiring that is not being used for anything you should absolutely avoid touching it and call a commercial electrician so that they can ensure that they’re not carrying any current – or are capped appropriately to stop them from being hot. They will also inspect the rest of your building to identify any similar hazards.


Does your business need a commercial electrician in Melbourne?

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